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Ufff... I know I haven't been here for a while... I'm so sorry... I'm back, with days 101 - 116. Hope you won't get tired of me...

I've been taking part of a 30-day blog challenge with my other blog "The Potter's Shed" and that has taken loads of my time. It's nearly finished now, but I guess I can say that I'm back on track with my 365 reasons to be grateful!


Days 98/99

Two days... three photos... Bonus day, today! :)
Of the most important in my life... Haven't stopped thinking about my family... Miss them like crazy. Miss my mother who's not here with us anymore. Am very grateful for them all in my life!

Day 97

Today, this grateful post won't be only a photo. I'm way too grateful to post just a photo. 
After a  period of uncertainties, and fear of what was going to come (if it would come at all!), I have to use this post to give my testimony. A testimony of the loyalty of God, of how accepting God's time is always the right thing to do. Also, a testimony of how He will always know what is best for me, no matter what I ask of Him. It is true that when you "don't get what you want", or when "God seems not to answer your prayers", or when "one door is closed" etc, it IS because something much greater will come. 

You can already imagine that I had great news today, right? I did. It is a new job. It was my 4th interview with the same institution, and NOW was the right time. Also, I had 4 different interviews in 2 weeks. I was confused because I didn't know which job I wanted. And this time I didn't want to choose "wrong" (I didn't want to go just for the higher salary, not this time), so I asked God to "choose" for me. And He did. And for that I am so grateful. I'm all for psalms today, so here go two of my favourites and that mean a lot to me:

And the other Psalm is spoken in this video, of one of my favourite songs, ever! 

Day 89


I know, I know... a cooker??? Yes, a cooker is a very good reason for me (well, Hubby and I) to be grateful today... We moved nearly a year ago, have been using a mini camper cooker...

I'm SO grateful! :)

365 reasons to be grateful