Day 9

After so many days of rain, I'm so grateful to see a blue sky and the sun!!! :)

Day 6

I know it's a bit late, but the postman brought this today...

Sweetness in an envelope from Napoli...  Thanks, Andrea and Cristiana, for my "day 6 reason to be grateful"!!! :)

365 reasons to be grateful

Day 3

Everyone must be following the crazy weather that's hit Britain... My reason to be grateful today is that I have a warm home to be in. My prayers go to those who have had their homes flooded, have lost everything and also to those who don't have one. (It's frigging cold out there!)

365 reasons to be grateful

Day 2:

"An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!"

Stomach is still really bad... Let's hope it gets better. Grateful for a healthy sister, who gives healthy, good advice! :)

365 reasons to be grateful

Day 1: My only New Year's resolution for 2014...

I spent most of New Year's Eve and New Year's day in bed. With a bad, bad belly. Haven't eaten for three whole days! Yes, this is so not me!!! :(

 Anyway, I was browsing my Facebook for the thousandth time last night (couldn't sleep because of pain in my stomach), when I saw this video that really inspired me:


I absolutely loved the idea and the project, and I had been so upset (weird, being new year and all) that I decided there and then (sometime after midnight) to start this project myself.

Two things about this first post:
1) this is the only time I'm using an "old" photo (selfie of hubby and me taken in the dark was awful);
2) this will be the only day with two posts (well, I'll do my best!)

Well, I know this will be a challenge ~ but also a fantastic adventure. Anyone else out there to join me? :)

A very happy and blessed 2014 to all of you!!


Here we are, then... my first reason to be grateful for in 2014: The love of my life! <3

365 reasons to be grateful